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At Rapid Tune our aim is to provide a personalised trusted service and treat every vehicle as if it was our own. Rapid Tune’s growing success is primarily based on you, your friends and family returning again and again for all of their automotive needs. Our goal is to offer value for money, expertise, and customised care that is second to none.

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If your in the market for a replacement car, theres a couple of things..
One of the biggest factors that reduces the performance of your car, ..
New cars are great, but I got to say you can save thousands of dollars..
Apart from an accident, the thing that damages the paint on most cars ..
Rapid Tune provide a great service, they inspect the car that you're ..
Now obviously we put petrol in our car almost every week in most ..
The brakes on your car are one of your lifelines between your car and ..
There's every chance your car does need a wheel alignment, if the car ..
Let me explain why fuel consumption gets so bad in cars. Firstly it ..
Now, more often or not when you buy a brand new car, the dealer will ..
One of the critical factors in the life of an engine is the timing ..
You know warning lights are there for a reason and it always surprises..
Servicing a diesel car is a pretty specialised field. All six Rapid ..
Getting a flat tyre is an inconvenience, its an accident let's face ..
So here's a couple of tips to get the most from the brakes on your ..
Now if your driving down the road and you hear a rattle on your car, ..
I always say that if your going to do something, do it right. So ..
When it comes to servicing your car, yeah sure you can go to the local..
Getting the most life from your tyres is actually a pretty simple ..
There's a lot of items in the suspension system on your car. Your ..

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